BASUNDHARA , a 35 mm Assamese feature film awarded as Best Assamese Film, (RajatKamal), in the 57th National Film Awards-2009

Synopsis Of ‘Basundhara’

(2009-117 Mins. 35mm)

The inhabitants of the forest terrain of Sundarpur are experiencing a constant intensifying conflict between man and elephant because of the ecological diaster. In a frenzy of rage the wild elephants attack the villagers frequently and endanger human lives.

Shattered by the finace’s infidelity, Basundhara, a sensitive, intelligent and courageous young NGO activist’ arrives at Sundarpur to resolve the crisis. But the villagers have failed to understand her intention and her first meeting with them turns out to be a total fiasco. Incidentally, she comes in to contact with Arjun, a young journalist of the locality. Arjun reveals her how the large area of the virgin forest is cleared for illegal trafficking of wood and also for setting up of a stone quarry by Bikash Barua, a forest contractor-cum-local mafia, with the help of dishonest forest personnel. Basundhara then realises that the noise of frequent blast in the stone quarry frightens the wild elephants and the outraged wild elephants attack the villagers in return. Determined to fight against the heavy odds, Basundhara forms her own team of volunteers comprising village youth who earlier had worked for Bikash Barua, and thus she starts welfare actvities for the underprovileged people. At her insistence, Arjun publishes a report in the newspaper which is a searing expose in the illegal activities of Bikash Barua and his associates. As a consequence, Arjun is killed by miscreants. Basundhara’s mother, who now stays alone in the city, too breaths her last in mysterious circumstances.

Basundhara and her team members are also threatened by the miscreants to stop the mission. But she decides not to quit Sundarpur and her mission.

The situation takes a different turn. In view of the forthcoming election, the dishonest ranger is transferred and an honest officer joins in his place who provides all support to Basundhara. Equipped with all substantial proof and evidences, she is now ready to corner Bikash Baruah.

With courage and determination, facing severe opposition from the beginning and despite much heartbreak, Basundhara finally achieves her goal.